Warranty Claim Form 

A few notes about Mattress Warranties...

If you find yourself on this page, we apologize. We know you're experiencing a problem with your mattress. The good news for you is all Bed Store mattresses do have incredible warranties that cover a myriad of manufacturer defects. It's important to remember the following regarding mattress warranties...

All Warranties are backed/upheld by the product manufacturer and not The Bed Store

The Bed Store will, however, assist you with the service of your warranty as the manufacturer's warranty will permit. (ie. TEMPUR-Pedic handles all their warranties in-house)

Please reference your warranty packet

You received at point of sale. It's for your particular manufacturer's warranty procedures. In some cases manufacturers service their warranties themselves. In this case you will be directed to that manufacturer.

Please remember that warranty inspections and re-deliveries may include fees

These are the responsibility of you the customer.

You must have your original invoice

In order to file a warranty claim, you must have the original invoice.

All mattress warranties regardless of manufacturer will not cover a mattress with stains.

Your warranty will be void if a stain is present. Hopefully you purchased a quality mattress protector when you purchased your mattress. If so, this will not be an issue.

Please complete this form to begin a claim
Does the mattress have a proper center support?
Are there stains on the mattress?

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