Love this store! If you need a mattress it’s the best place, they do not pressure you at all, they just want you to be happy with what ever you choose! We just purchased 2 mattresses, and are very happy with them!

Scott & Janice Buchanan

Decatur, TN

My wife and I recently purchased a split king set of Latex Talalay Bliss mattresses with adjustable frames. We can truly say this was a wonderful experience as David was very helpful with our choices. He is very knowledgeable of the various mattresses and was able to guide us properly with our purchase. After only a few nights sleep I was able to wake up without back pain. As a matter of fact we were so pleased with our experience that we went back and purchased two more twin king sets. If you are in the market for bedding we highly recommend The Bed Store of Athens and David.

Ron & Imogene Sherrill

Athens, TN

Friendly, informative, not pushy; the in-store experience is superb! Delivery was ahead of schedule and they were finished setting up before I knew it.

Tyler & Christian Crombie

Athens, TN

We just purchased our fifth iSerta memory foam mattress from David and Vivian McCaslin. I highly recommend them for your mattress/bed needs. They are wonderful people to work with, the product selection is great and David went above and beyond in supplying what we needed. The last two beds have been for our boys college rooms. They will always be our mattress providers. Thank you David and Vivian.

Doug & Debbie Clendenon

Athens, TN

A big shout out to David McCaslin and The Bed Store in Athens. You have helped my stepdad more than you will ever know. Thanks for all you've done! 

Kim Dill

Niota, TN

No better place to buy a bed. Great people, service, and products. 

John Cockrell

Englewood, TN

Just got our new adjustable bed tonight and already falling in love with it. Delivery guys were great! Friendly, on time. David at the store is not pushy at all. Wants you to get what's right for you. Very great shopping experience! Tell him Mike and Ruth Phillips sent you! 

Mike & Ruth Phillips

Athens, TN

Awesome place! We bought a serta icomfort with an adjustable base, which we wanted for my husband's back problems. The bed has been nothing but amazing! 
Earlier this month, I was in a car accident and the adjustable base was priceless since I couldn't sit up from a horizontal position. I just lifted the head until I could get up. 
David and his wife worked with us on a plan so we could afford the bed we needed and now love. I recommend the product and the people at the bed store of Athens. 

Grace Eells

Athens, TN

I recently bought a full size Corsicana Diana mattress set from The Bed Store and had it delivered. The service in the store from David McCaslin was really good and his delivery men, Jason and Cody, were great! While delivering and setting up the new mattress set, Jason and Cody were right on schedule, very courteous and informative, and full of laughs. They even identified a minor issue with the mattress as they unwrapped it and brought a second mattress to my house that day. The price was right and the service excellent. I would recommend The Bed Store to all my friends.

Pam Davis

Athens, TN

I just had my new Serta adjustable bed and mattress delivered from The Bed Store of Athens this week.  Wow~ what a difference!  I absolutely love my new bed.  David McCaslin was sooooo patient while I asked him every single question imaginable about 3-4 different beds; sometimes asking the same question more than once!  I'm not going to admit how many hours he spent answering my questions, but I will say that he is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  I would highly recommend The Bed Store to everyone!

Kimberly Harris

Athens, TN

My husband Randy and I purchased 2 king sets and 1 full set of mattresses from The Bed Store in Athens.  We had shopped for weeks to find the best quality and deal on mattress sets.  The service that we received at The Bed Store was beyond belief.  A furniture store sells furniture and mattress sets.  They are in the furniture business.  The Bed Store sells mattress sets.  It's their business.  We couldn't find a better deal anywhere else.  We also found that buying local is much better than traveling to Knoxville or Chattanooga.  We LOVE our new mattress sets.  Go check out The Best Store before purchasing anywhere else.

Sandra Reddish

Englewood, TN

I absolutely love my tempurpedic mattress. I was ready to have surgery because I hurt so bad. The Lord led me right into the parking lot of David and Vivian's store. They are wonderful people who really care about what you need. My neck and back hurt when I slept and that made me miserable for my wake hours as well. I purchased a pillow, slept great that night, went and purchased a mattress the next day. I never had the surgery. I still have my pillow and mattress. I even have a tempurpedic body pillow. I have worn it out and today purchased another one. Well worth the money. Thanks David and Vivian for loving on your customers and being Jesus to the world.

April Long

Athens, TN

Mr. and Mrs. McCaslin were so wonderful!  They helped us find the perfect bed, which is tricky since I have a bad back from a previous injury.  They were so helpful and patient.  We even got the bed delivered the next day.  I've never had better customer service from any retailer.  I can not thank this couple enough.  We will definitely be back when our daughter moves up to a full from her toddler bed.

Brian & Miranda Watson

Etowah, TN

David has been so patient to answer a ton of questions.  Very non-pressuring!!!  Very patient while we made a decision.  This has been the best experience...after a few rough ones.  So glad we came in! Several weeks in and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the latex mattress!!!  AWESOME!!!  Thanks again for all your help at the store.

Charles & Danette Reeves

Riceville, TN

David at The Bed Store was so helpful to me when I was deciding on purchasing mattresses for my son and I.  The beds are so comfortable and my back pain is gone!  I also bought the Beyond Perfect pillow and I will never buy another pillow from Walmart again!  David is a very down to Earth man who knows his beds and is working to give us all the best deals he can.  Excellent service!

Chelsey Goodman

Englewood, TN

I was more than satisfied by the service I got at the Bed Store.  He was very honest and up front with me and didn't try to push anything on me.  I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a great deal at a great price and excellent customer service.

Devin Duckworth

Englewood, TN

I bought a bed and I have brought other members of my family in to buy beds from David and Vivian. They are very helpful and knowledgeable of their products. Thanks guys for all your expertise.  I would recommend for anyone to go and checkout their store and products. Tell them Dianne sent you! Thank You!

Dianne Cook

Englewood, TN

We love our new bed!  From talking with you in the store to making the finance arrangements; you guys made everything pleasant and easy.  Even the delivery men exceeded all expectations.  Two thumbs up (way up!) for you and the Bed Store.

Donna & Len Amato

Englewood, TN

My husband and I never imagined that we would ever invest a lot of money in a bed -- that is until we discovered the I-comfort mattress line of memory foam mattresses.  Now that we have invested in a super comfy king, our only regret is that we did not visit David and Vivian at The Bed Store in Athens sooner.  Thank you!

Donna Baran

Athens, TN

David was very knowledgeable and helped me select the best mattress I have ever had the pleasure to own.  I would recommend The Bed Store to anyone who needs a new mattress!

Scott Horne

Athens, TN

I recently purchased an I comfort mattress from David and I can honestly say it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is one of the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Due to my travel experience I have had the pleasure of testing many different ones but this one is far better. Thanks again David for a great mattress!!    Thank You!

Paul Breedwell

Decatur, TN

My husband and I purchased a Serta I Comfort Mattress from the Athens Bed Store and absolutely love it!!!!!! It's always nice to come home from vacation to get in your own bed, but now it's going to be hard to leave the comforts of home and the most comfortable bed ever!!!!!  The real trial was my day of R&R after Christmas.  Knowing it usually makes me feel worse and sore the next day, I still layed in bed all day and read.  I woke up the next day not feeling sore at all and really felt great!!!!!!!
We really enjoyed working with the Bed Store family.  David and Adam did not hassle us, but they made sure we found the mattress that fit our needs.  When Adam came to deliver it, not only did he set it up, he made sure the other mattress was moved upstairs to a guest bedroom.
We then received the nicest letter from David's wife thanking us for our purchase.  It is so nice to have a local business that offers such great service at such a reasonable price.  Go to The Bed Store in Athens; you won't regret it.

Bob and Kim Cantley

Englewood, TN

David McCaslin at The Bed Store in Athens, TN was very nice and helpful. We love the bed and will definitely be back! Overall a great experience!

Alexander Coleman

Athens, TN

We purchased a King Latex Bliss Adjustable bed about 1 month ago. It has truly been one of the best investments we have ever made! It is amazing how much better we sleep, and how much it can relieve your aches and pains! David and Vivian have both been very helpful and knowledgeable as we researched which bed to purchase.Thank you guys so much!

Robby & Robin Nesbitt

Englewood, TN

On behalf of Englewood United Methodist Church, I want to thank you for donating a complete sleep system for us to provide to a family we wanted to help.Your generosity is very much appreciated and will bring years of comfort and rest to the recipient.
Thanks again for going the extra mile and helping us help someone else.

Bill Cochran

Add Date here

David, you were right! Prior to purchasing my Tempur-Pedic mattress from the Athens, TN store, I was averaging 3 to 4 hours of restless sleep per night. Now I consistently get 6-8 hours of truly deep sleep. Most mornings I wake up in the same position I fell asleep in!

Bernie Ridenour

Loudon TN

My husband and I purchased an icomfort, which has been wonderful.  The McCaslins were very accommodating & helpful with our purchase!  We will use them again & refer all of our friends and family!!!!

The Sheltons

Niota TN.

I've never had a better experience in a retail store. David was so professional, friendly, informative, patient and receptive of my needs,and not pushy. The store has a wide range of bedding and reasonable pricing. They were very accommodating about delivery and it went smoothly. We plan to buy another bed and it will definitely be from The Bed Store, Athens,TN. !

Alice Lingerfelt

Athens TN

I got a Tempurpedic Cloud with the Ergo base back in 2011 after spending at least an hour laying on different models in The Bed Store over several visits.  David was always helpful in answering any questions I had, and did not pressure me at all, which I greatly appreciated!  I was looking for a new bed since sleeping on my Select Comfort left me with back pain every morning that was getting worse.  Since switching to the Tempurpedic Cloud, that has gone away completely, and it has truly ruined me for traveling.  Now nothing is as comfortable as it is at home.  I love it and feel that the extra cost was justified in the luxurious comfort of my Tempurpedic.  Sleeping has never been so good.  Thanks David and Vivian.

David Frost

Athens TN

My wife and I bought a new bed from the Bed Store.We sure made a great decision.  We are now sleeping on the best bed ever! We would recommend the Bed Store to any and all.

The McCarter's

Athens TN

"We purchased our Tempur-Pedic Cloud mattress from The Bed Store in Athens in July 2011 as an Anniversary gift to each other. After reading the reviews in Consumer Reports, we decided to make the investment in Tempur-Pedic. We absolutely love this mattress and it is truly like sleeping on a cloud! Tempur-Pedic may cost more, but it is worth every penny. David was very helpful and knowledgeable in helping us pick out our mattress. Also the delivery guys did a great job setting it up and taking off the old mattress. A mattress is not something you buy very often, but when the time comes to shop again, we will go back to The Bed Store."

Steve and Diane Cartwright

Athens, TN

"My wife and I purchased an Ecomfort memory foam mattress and a latex topper one year ago from the Athens location. David is very knowledgeable and low key, and this made for a great buying experience. We are still thrilled with the mattress and plan to purchase another Ecomfort for our daughter's bed. This is the best store in Athens for a good night's sleep!"

John Young

Athens TN

Went last week and got us an I-Comfort adjustable bed! Best investment yet!!! You can not put a price on comfort. When I had my regular bed I'd wake up ever morning in tears due to a bad back-NOW I actually rest through the night...I still have back pain but NOT while I sleep. My only regret is that I didnt buy this bed a few years ago when I first looked at it- instead of dreading laying down at night like I used to, I CANT WAIT, and I look forward to bed time. Its important to sleep and to sleep well. David and Vivian made this a great experience. They took time with us to make sure we were getting the right bed for us. They wasn't pushy and seemed to really care for our needs... thanks guys! I highly recommend "THE BED STORE IN ATHENS TN."

Hope Shaw -- Athens TN

Hope Shaw -- Athens TN

"After months of trying to sleep in a recliner, and/or waking very tired and sore, my husband suggested that an adjustable bed might help with my fibromyalgia problems. I knew David and Vivian had a Bed Store in Athens, so I went there to see if they had what I needed. They were very knowledgeable regarding their merchandise, and was able to help me determine the kind and size of mattresses we needed. It has taken a few days of adjusting the settings on my side, but we are both enjoying the benefits and I have finally been able to get some much needed rest and sleep with my new Tempurpedic bed."

Rhonda Collins

Athens TN

"After a friend posted on Facebook her experience in purchasing a Tempurpedic from Athens, I went to the Bed Store and purchased dual king mattresses, because my husband prefers a different type than me. I love, love, love the mattresses, and we both are grateful that we can afford to sleep on luxurious mattresses. When we think of people who have NO mattress to sleep on, we are very humbled. I highly recommend both the mattress and the Bed store."

Louise Barnes

Sweetwater TN

"My husband and I purchased a Tempur-Pedic and have slept on it for one week. We LOVE IT! It is worth the investment. We've both slept better on this mattress than we have in years...it retains your body heat for those 2am bathroom trips, we don't feel any movement when one gets up out of bed and it is so comfortable! It cradles your entire body. Not only is the mattress great the service at The Bed Store in Athens was wonderful. David and Vivian are very knowledgeable and were great to answer all of our questions and they even had our mattress sooner than promised. Delivery was quick and painless too! I would recommend purchasing any mattress from them."

Dianne Hutsell

Athens TN

"We were looking for a new mattress. We did our research and visited stores from Chattanooga TN to Knoxville, TN. David and Vivian were very knowledgeable and helpful. We purchased our Tempurpedic mattress from their Athens, TN store. We LOVE our mattress, and have no regrets about this investment. The service was wonderful and we have recently returned to The Bed Store to purchase a mattress for our daughter. We would recommend that you visit The Bed Store in Athens, TN for great service and friendly atmosphere."

Michael and Jennifer Moats

Athens TN

"I have back & shoulder problems & my old spring mattress would put undue pressure on them. I would toss & turn all night trying to relieve the pressure & pain. Now that I have purchased my queen Nutrition Latex Mattress set; I get a good nights sleep!!! I also love my queen latex pillow. I would recommend these to anyone. I also want to thank David McCaslin & Trish Fedele for all their help at The Bed Store!! They were very informative, patient, & not pushy!!!"

Sandra Corn

Etowah TN

"We recently purchased the tempur-pedic cloud from the store in Athens, TN. We had been looking for a new mattress for some time and could not decide what would work for us both. We both have different opinions when it came to firmness and comfort levels, as does most everyone else, but we finally agreed when it came to the cloud. I had seen all the adds on tempur-pedic and thought, yeah right, like a mattress could really be that good. In this case I could never be happier to be wrong. The bed store owners in Athens, TN told me that tempur-pedic sells itself and they were correct. Their service while trying to decide on what to purchase was excellent. Overall we would recommend the tempur-pedic cloud, you really get what you pay for in this mattress."

Ben and Misti

Athens TN.

"We recently purchased a Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed from David and Vivian at their store in Athens, Tennessee. We had looked at beds in different stores in Chattanooga before coming to Athens. I have to say that when we came into their store they went out of their way to make sure we were completely satisfied with our purchase. I would highly recommend buying a bed at The Bed Store in Athens, Tennessee from David McCaslin. You couldn't ask for better professional service or friendliness and their prices very reasonable too."

John Gadd

Graysville TN

"Awesome! It's all that I can say to describe how my wife and I were treated at The Bed Store in Athens and how good we are resting after purchasing a Rhapsody by TempurPedic. I love everything about the bed. I tell the story of how I could not get a good nights rest because my arms kept falling asleep. All of my problems have been cured with the TempurPedic. While I know that no mattress can work miracles, TempurPedic has come close. I couldn't be happier with my mattress or the service that I recieved at The Bed Store."

Rich Wade

Decatur TN

"My husband and I bought a Tempur-Pedic Cloud bed back in July of 2010. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Before we got the bed we were having lots of trouble with our backs hurting. After we got our new bed, it fixed our problem. I wish we got one sooner than what we did. Also what made a difference was the store we got it from in Athens TN, we had the best service. The people were honest and super nice to us. I'd recommend this store and this bed to anyone!!!"

April Childs

Athens TN

"Dave and his wife were GREAT to work with! The were able to provide us with a confidence in their product on price and quality. The Bed Store was a pleasure to do business with."

Ross and Lynette Irwin

Ten Mile TN


Don Weuthrich

Spring City TN

"My wife and I were moving to our new home and needed a mattress asap. We were interested in a good quality mattress, but needed delivery and set up the next day (or we'd be sleeping on the floor). David McCaslin not only provided us with a great mattress at a great price but was able to deliver and setup that next afternoon. Being new to town, David was one of the first people we met, and he made us feel welcome and we were well taken care of. In all categories--quality, customer service and friendly personalized service-- my wife and I are delighted with our purchase and readily recommend the Bed Store to everyone."

J. Lee Watkins

Athens TN

David and Vivian,
Thank you for helping me surprise my Grandson on Memorial Day! He loves having a bigger bed!
You were very kind and friendly!
Blessings for your Family and your business!

Jalayne Johnson

Madisonville, TN

Wow what a great decision I made last month, time to buy a new mattress.
My son tells me of The Bed Store in town where he got his mattress and I'll tell you not only have I gotten the best mattress I have ever owned but the owner David was a lot of help with all his knowledge of mattresses. I will let all my friends know, Thanks David.

Eddy Fernandez

Englewood TN.

David is extremely friendly and helpful at The Bed Store in Athens,Tn!! My husband and I absolutely love our new Latex Mattress, and we have definitely had more restful nights due to our purchase.  I would highly recommend this store to everyone in search of a good quality mattress with excellent service.  Opposed to other mattress stores, this one definitely had us sold especially after meeting down-to-earth friendly salesman like David! Thanks again!

Matt & Britt Baker

Athens, TN

My husband and I went to The Bed Store in September 2008 to purchase a  twin XL Tempurpedic Advantage mattress and foundation prior to my back surgery. After coming home from surgery I was concerned about sleeping on a new mattress. My concerns were unfounded because I slept like a baby and didn't move from my position all night or the nights to follow during my recovery.  Mr David & his wife were so sweet! They even sent me a Get Well card.

In 2010 my husband purchased a queen sized Tempurpedic Advantage because I usually went from our bed to the Tempurpedic mattress during the night. For the past 3 months I have been trying to contact the warranty department for Tempurpedic because we had an issue with our foundation. Mr. David has been instrumental in helping me get my foundation replaced. He went above and beyond what a typical bed store would do. Thank you for your hard work Mr. David! All of my mattresses will be purchased from Mr. David because he stands behind his products & his business!

Johnnie & Melissa Treadaway

Spring City, TN

My husband and I purchased the very best mattress ever from The Bedstore. The Tempurpedic mattress and we love it. Thank you for the excellent customer service.

Tonya and Felix Vess

Athens, TN

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